New Bern – Coastal Carolina SmartLipo™ Laser Liposuction


Smartlipo® laser liposuction, also called laser lipolysis, uses highly targeted laser energy directed to target areas – such as the chin, arms, neck, thighs and abdomen — to dissolve fat. Due to its effectiveness and the fact that it is a minimally invasive technique that requires no major incisions, Smart Lipo is one of the most often requested cosmetic procedures available today. It can be performed in a physician’s office and features a much faster recovery than what is typical for traditional liposuction. At the Zannis Center for Plastic Surgery, we utilize the latest, 3rd generation Smartlipo technology, Smartlipo Triplex, which employs 3 different laser wavelengths to enhance procedural efficacy and optimal recovery.

Smartlipo® Laser Liposuction works by directing laser energy into the fat cells and liquefying the fat, which is then drawn out through a very narrow cannula, or tube. The same procedure tightens skin at the surface, thereby removing both the fat and the flab itself.

Benefits of Smartlipo Laser Liposuction in New Bern, NC

Carolina body sculpting and body contouring procedures such as Smartlipo works best on patients who are at or near their ideal weight but want to get rid of excess flab and fat. Patients in need of significant weight loss (more than about 25-30 pounds) should consult a weight loss specialist. Advantages of Smart Lipo at our leading New Bern laser liposuction clinic include the following:

  • Very fast and visible results
  • Minimally invasive procedure with few accompanying risks
  • Less flab and tighter skin in the wake of the procedure
  • Very little bruising or discomfort
  • Quick recovery time
  • The expertise of the Zannis Plastic Surgery Center’s leading Smartlipo surgeons

How Smartlipo® Works

Smartlipo uses a laser to send energy directly to fat cells, dissolving the fat and at the same time coagulating the surrounding blood vessels. In addition, the laser stimulates collagen contraction, so that skin tightens in its wake. This reduces the saggy aftermath sometimes left behind by traditional liposuction. Smart Lipo laser liposuction allows patients a fast recovery — generally just a few days – with very little interruption to their normal activities.

If you live in New Bern or one of the surrounding coastal Carolina communities, call today to schedule your consultation. This is the first step to changing the way you feel about your body!